MMG and UNICEF: the 1000 Day Project

The 1000 Day Project is a tailored program of nutritional support for families during the first 1000 days of life.

Working in targeted, remote areas of Lao PDR, the 1000 Day Project provides families with ‘Superkid’-branded micronutrients to fortify the diets of young children and help ensure they grow up healthy and strong; in addition to health services which include vaccinations, screens for malnutrition, and hands-on education and information sessions like nutritional cooking classes and discussions on age-appropriate feeding practices.

Health workers, with support from the Lao Women’s Union network, are trained to administer the activities and serve as master trainers and supervisors to support and expand the project activities at the community level. 

By partnering with UNICEF and the Lao Ministry of Health, MMG is building wealth for host communities by supporting programs that provide lasting benefits to national child and maternal health.

The 1000 Day Project commenced in 2012 with funding from MMG of US$1.38 million. The first phase tested the delivery of Superkid within the private sector, and focused outreach activities in the public sector in three districts of Lao PDR.

A second phase of the project commenced in 2016 with additional funding from MMG of US$1.39 million. The second phase will see the project expand into additional provinces of Lao PDR using the experience gained in phase one, while continuing to integrate the activities into national health services.

Lao PDR has made significant progress on its health outcomes and has met its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for under-five child mortality which, the 1000 Day Project and other development programs, have contributed to. However, it continues to be challenged by maternal and child nutrition particularly for children in remote areas. 

Reducing rates of anaemia and under-nutrition is a key action item in the country’s National Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan and the 1000 Day project micronutrient interventions have been included in this strategy.  

The 1000 Day Project supports Lao PDR to achieve its objectives of reducing the rates of anaemia and under-nutrition as set out in its National Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan for 2010-2015.

For more information, including results from phase 1, please see the 1000 Day Project brochure.

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