Supporting our communities

Communities are a significant and important part of our social licence to operate and we endeavour to be a welcomed and valued member of the communities in which we operate.

Our approach to community involvement is to consult with, listen and respond openly to our community stakeholders. In doing so, we also aim to be open, honest and as cooperative as possible when issues and concerns do arise.

We invest in local communities as an integral part of our sustainability objective to ensure the communities in which we operate receive real benefit from our activities. In 2013, MMG contributed over $US17.9 million to local and regional communities for community development initiatives, local business development, education and training initiatives and sponsorships and donations.

Read our Sustainability Report for more information on our approach and performance.

Community consultation

We believe it is important to have a sound understanding of the views, concerns and aspirations of the communities we are a part of.

We have a wide range of stakeholders that are impacted by our operations in positive and sometimes challenging ways including contractors, suppliers, government and regulators, local communities, Indigenous people and employees.

We actively undertake community research at a number of our mine sites to help us understand the views of these stakeholders, which helps us to build positive relationships and ensure our community programs are valued by the communities in which we operate.

Some of these research programs include Community Perception Surveys and Social Impact Assessments.

Kinsevere case study: Community consultation in nearby villages

Community programs

As part of our community engagement activities, MMG seeks to implement community development programs in the areas in which we work.

These are assessed on the basis of delivering long-term benefit to our host communities and, to the extent possible, are aligned with the wishes of these communities.

Find out more about community programs at our operations:

Human rights

MMG respects fundamental human rights and the diversity of cultures, customs and values in our dealings with employees and others involved in our activities.

Our approach is guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the UN Global Compact Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

This approach includes:

Aligning our practices with Principle 3 of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) Sustainable Development Framework, which specifically addresses human rights, including seeking free, prior and informed consent from original land custodians or owners;

Managing the impact of our activities on host communities, their homes and land through effective land management, open consultation processes, and where appropriate, resettlement;

Raising awareness of human rights in local communities through partnerships and support; and

Working with international non-government organisations, such as UNICEF and the UN Global Compact.

Case studies

Supporting children’s rights and business principles

In early 2013 MMG accepted an invitation from UNICEF to represent the mining sector in a pilot program to further support business to respect and support the rights of children.

The objective of the pilot program was to develop a practical due diligence process framework for the assessment and management of the rights of children under the Children’s Rights and Business Principles – the first comprehensive set of guidelines for business, developed by UNICEF, Save the Children and the UN Global Compact.

The establishment of due diligence process framework is the next step. MMG is continuing to represent the mining sector in the pilot program.

Supporting the rights of Indigenous peoples

MMG’s majority shareholder, China Minmetals Corporation, is a member and supporter of the UN Global Compact – a global initiative for companies committed to aligning their practices with ten broadly accepted principles regarding human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Through its participation, MMG was asked to participate in the development of a reference guide to assist businesses to respect and support the United Nation’s Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples during 2012.

MMG actively participated in development of the guide, which was released in December 2013.

Respect for women and children’s rights

Coordinated and supported by MMG, Local government and non-government organisations (NGOs) continued to lead education sessions involving 721 women from villages surrounding Kinsevere in 2013.

The sessions aimed to raise awareness of human rights and encourage discussion about issues such as marriage, education and leadership. Women also received coaching in how to communicate issues to their spouses and others during the sessions.

Key women’s health issues in the DRC, such as breast and uterine cancer, were another discussion point during the sessions.

MMG is working with local government and NGOs to develop a series of human rights awareness workshops aimed at men in villages surrounding Kinsevere – a request of the women who participated in these sessions.

Read about Kinsevere’s approach to human rights.

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